Thursday, March 1, 2012

a month ago

I went to Savannah. Three days, two nights. An escape to some green, southern perfection, in the midst of a grey mid-Atlantic winter. Sunlight and camellias (yes, a few were still in bloom), live oaks and Spanish moss. A real treat. I have more to show you over the next few days. Promise!

Lately I have been consumed with work, which leaves me with little energy for blogging. But, I'm dying to pick up my camera again, and write to you all.

Hope you are well, friends.


pve design said...

I adore Savannah and sweet escapes. Wishing you well and as always your images are so sultry and nostalgic.
be well,

Buy photoshop said...

Its lovely image. I like this as well as you share your feeling with us so thanks for this posting.

Style Court said...


After seeing your IG Savannah photos, I'm curious about which ones you'll choose to post here. They're all so beautiful.

Janet said...

pve ~ thank you friend for such kind words!

Courtney ~ I couldn't resist a house tour!

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