Friday, December 30, 2011

a new year

I always look forward to a new year. I love the quiet and calm that new year's day brings, and the sense of hope one has for the coming year. Even though we inevitably bring our baggage along with us, a new year somehow feels like a clean slate. History waiting to be written.

We make lists and resolutions. We clean house, and start fresh. The glitter and pomp of Christmas ~ as much as I love it ~ begins to seem like clutter. I yearn for simple things, like a warm wool blanket, a cup of tea, and a new book.

So, here are some things I'm looking forward to enjoying this new year:

* a new taste
* a new bottle
* a new coat
* a new book (inspiring a new project)
* and some new adventures. . .

Happy New Year, friends!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

hello winter

A winter storm chased us as the gentleman and I drove back from Michigan on tuesday. Snow softly blanketed the landscape as we traveled in to Indiana and on to Ohio, finally turning to torrential rain as we approached Pennsylvania. Winter is here indeed.

Our holiday was warm and bright, a blurr of activity, presents, and family! And yesterday I turned 40. A strange milestone in some ways. I have been trying to decide if I actually feel middle aged. I don't think I do.

Cheers all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the holly and the ivy

This past weekend the gentleman and I attended evensong at the National Cathedral to celebrate the fourth sunday in Advent ~ a lovely reminder that this is a season for peace and quiet reflection. There is something about the acoustics of a cathedral that lends the human voice a heavenly quality. Just amazing.

We leave early tomorrow morning for a long drive north to spend the holiday with the gentleman's family in Michigan. So, I will sign off until the new year, wishing you all much love and joy this holiday.

And if you have a moment:

The Holly and The Ivy

{my favorite}

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

deck the halls!

Season's Greetings friends!

I was just saying to a colleague that we should be able to add two hours to each day in December ~ there is just so much to do and so little time in which to do it! This past weekend we took a little time out from our hectic life to attend a friend's baptism and hear some of the Messiah. A good reminder of what the season's all about.

In other news, I am delighted to tell you that a certain project that the gentleman and I have been working on has (at last!) come to fruition ~ the gentleman's website! And blog! If you have a moment, please hop on over there and let him know what you think.