Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the holly and the ivy

This past weekend the gentleman and I attended evensong at the National Cathedral to celebrate the fourth sunday in Advent ~ a lovely reminder that this is a season for peace and quiet reflection. There is something about the acoustics of a cathedral that lends the human voice a heavenly quality. Just amazing.

We leave early tomorrow morning for a long drive north to spend the holiday with the gentleman's family in Michigan. So, I will sign off until the new year, wishing you all much love and joy this holiday.

And if you have a moment:

The Holly and The Ivy

{my favorite}


Anne said...

Merry Christmas Janet!!!

Inkslinger said...

I hope you and the gentleman have a most wonderful Christmas!

pve design said...

Travel safely and enjoy a wonderful journey and a divine holiday.

home before dark said...

Have yourselves a merry and and a happy!

Style Court said...



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Janet! Much love from Ct ~ MIR