Monday, February 18, 2013


Winter has settled in ~ along with the wind and the cold. The loveliness of it delights me, in spite of frosty windows and frozen toes. The landscapes are stark and poignant, and there is a hush to the early mornings that can only come from a blanket of freshly-fallen snow.

Life has not been easy lately, and I have struggled to find my way to this space. I think about it often, and certainly I have a wealth of things to share ~ a camera full of photographs, little discoveries here and there, and tales of trips around New England. I will find the time eventually.

For now, a belated happy new year to you all, with promises of good things to come.


Blue said...

Welcome back and best wishes!

Barbara said...

Thrilled to see your post at the top of my blog list, just as you are always at the top of my friend list.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy to see your post. Thinking of you lately.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Happy New Year -beautiful images as always!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey of discovery in New England when you are ready to share. Crisp and elegant images! KDM

Donna Seger said...

Hello Janet, Lovely to see a post from you; I hope you are finding your place in my old hometown.Our snow is not as pristine down here in Salem, unfortunately.

JBR said...

Huzzah! You're back! Wishing you and the gentleman well.

home before dark said...

And Pippin? And what about Pippin?

Janet said...

Blue ~ thank you!

Barbara ~ I feel like it's a miracle to find time on the computer! Hoping it's the beginning of a trend. xo

Angela ~ likewise, dear friend.

Stefan ~ I owe you an email! Soon, I promise!!!

KDM ~ thank you! Looking forward to your scheduled visit.

Donna ~ I am afraid the snow did not stay so pristine, certainly not on York Street! I have been working in Salem part time and know of what you speak :). Your photos of the storm are amazing however! Saw your dad and step mom at Hannaford, fresh off their trip to Austria.

JBR ~ hope Virginia is treating you well this winter. Our best to you!

hbd ~ all good things in time. . . oh, I DO owe you an email. I am embarrassed at my tardiness in responding.

Ting liu said...
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