Tuesday, February 20, 2007

little house in the woods

I am back from the snowy mountains of western Pennsylvania. What a wonderful weekend! Above is a photograph of the log cabin we stayed in. Once a post office, built in 1820, the structure was moved from its original location in the 1990s and converted into a house, complete with modern amenities.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. It is closed to the public until mid-March, but we have connections (our brilliant friend Justin is the curator there)! Because of the ice and snow it was impossible to walk around outside and take photographs (as you can see from the above view). Even the creek that flows underneath the house was frozen solid. But, what a joy to explore the inside. During the months the house is closed to the public, the staff works on a multitude of conservation and renovation projects, so most of the furnishings and collections were nestled in white sheets (though we did peek). I adored all of the wonderful books and objets d'art. In fact, I was a little obsessed with the books...

Books, books, books.

Loved the cover of this book about insects.

And really loved the little book nook beneath a wooden Madonna and Child. I can't wait until the Spring to see the house with all of the furnishings in place. I will have more about the trip in the next few days, including my antiquing finds and details of our snowy adventures!


Justin said...


Your blog is so snazzy. But I expect nothing less! Was wonderful having you up over the weekend, justin

The Observer said...

Hi Janet
found your blog via Justin who I found via ...someone's blog?

Love the Images from Falling Waters - you are very fortunate.
Look forward to the Spring Images...

Feel free to Visit my Blog I'm DownUnder
‘Fields of Observation’
(new name - same place)

The Observer said...

oops I mean via John Blyberg...not Justin...

Keep Up the Great Work!