Wednesday, February 21, 2007

silver spoon

Some of the many delights of this past weekend included driving around in the snow, looking at old houses, and stopping to explore antique shops. At one place I rummaged through a box of old silverware marked "$1 a piece" and came up with an old engraved Gorham serving spoon, black with tarnish. A little Twinkle revealed something lovely. I wonder who JGH is, because she is missing a spoon.

I am off to New York for the Art Fair. Next week I will be back with tales from the big city.

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Blissville said...

Oh, it is not so big a city, with neighborhoods tucked in corner to corner, borough to borough. It is a sweet, generous city, and much changed since the years before the the pooper scooper law.

But I will miss seeing you tons this time around. Instead, I'll see the city through your eyes, and if it's as elegant as the spoon, how lucky I'll be.