Friday, July 25, 2008

the blue greys

There is something so intensely wild and dramatic about the Scottish coast...and the light, which is constantly changing. I instantly fell in love with it all. I had only a few days in Scotland, and spent most of the time doing research at the University of St. Andrews. But the long mid-summer days meant that after dinner I still had several hours of daylight by which to explore. I so badly wish I could have captured all of the wonderful little details (like the feel of the lichen and moss, and the tangle of fishing ropes) and smells (like the salt air mixed with the scent of roses)...but sometimes the only place you can keep those things is in your heart. The camera, alas, can only capture so much.

Happy weekend all...I'll keep working on those photos.


John R. said...

So, so glad you're back --- love these posts and can't wait for more!

Janet said...

Ahhh, merci, Monsieur R!