Wednesday, July 30, 2008

attingham: the landscapes

"To improve the scenery of a country, and to display its native beauties with advantage, is an ART which originated in England..."
~ Humphry Repton, 1794

Any discussion of the English country house can not begin without a mention of the landscapes in which they are set ~ those rolling green hills, so deliberately picturesque ~ the products of landscape architects such as William Kent, Lancelot "Capability" Brown, and Humphry Repton. But, I will spare you all a lecture, and just leave you with a couple links to explore:

* red books and sketches (via Garden History Girl)
* and a few "capable" landscapes

And tomorrow ~ houses!

(top: the view from my window at West Dean; and bottom: the recently restored rotunda at Petworth)


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Even TJ, an infrequent admirer of England, said: "The pleasure gardening in England is the article in which it surpasses all the earth." (to John Page, 1786)

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it's 2 days past tomorrow -where are the houses! hehe

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