Thursday, May 28, 2009


New pencils! All sharpened and ready to go. I have a few little projects in the works, which I hope to share with you all in the near future. On a related note, one of my favorite images is a photograph of the pencils from Frank Lloyd Wright's desk, taken the day he died in April 1959. Such a simple and beautiful tribute to projects completed...and a poignant reminder of those left undone.

Currently inspired by:

* architectural books
* English Baroque
* and The Grammar of Ornament

I hope you all are making time for something creative in your lives! Cheers.


Anonymous said...

I adore sharp pencils! KDM

little augury said...

Anne said...

There's nothing like a fistful of freshly-sharpened pencils! (Or crayons....) Thanks for this great inspiration for the weekend.

Christine said...

I'll be getting my creative crafty fix doing projects for the house! Still trying to get things put away, but craftiness just around the corner.

KDM with sharp pencils - scary!