Friday, May 15, 2009

trouvée: cutting her cake

Another recent eBay find. No inscription or date. But, clearly, cake cutting is serious business!

Some fun friday links (to make you smile):

* Sparrow Lane
* Oink Balloons
* Cig Harvey

Lots of May babies to say Happy Birthday to (you all know who you are)! xo


Carol said...

Adorable! She looks a little bit dangerous!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

That is the cutest!! These days though I doubt parents would let their kids wield such a large knife! I guess thats why no one is sitting at the table: for fear of getting cut!

Blue said...

Where do you hang these photos? Forgive the question if you posted about this already - I've just really found your blog - but I imagine a gallery of wonderful images arranged in such a way to tell an ongoing story.

thomas said...

so adorable. hey you should check out pixie's on 14th street, i noticed a few photos on sunday in a box you might enjoy checking out for sale.