Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a summer palette

I love how the color palette at this time of the year softens and deepens, and the sun gets lower, casting golden shadows in the evening. Two lovelies from this past weekend ~ False Queen Anne's Lace (a lovely dark variety) at the market, and the frayed hem of a 1840s linen pillowcase I found in Maine.

Some other fabulous things:
* the artist's palette series on Style Court
* and pretty much everything about this month's Gourmet!



Style Court said...



little augury said...

so pretty. I have left some queen anne's lace, white yarrow and pale pink Cecile Brunner dried in a vase-I couldn't

Janet said...

little a ~ I love all those old-fashioned flowers!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Your eye for detail and your photographs in general never cease to amaze me. I love the perspective you give to so many different things and am so glad you share them with us here!
I let my gourmet subscription lapse last year....maybe i'll reinstate it upon your recommendation!

greer said...

Have you watched the zucchini cook off? I did with great joy and then fried some more flowers! it is such an amazing treat to have a fresh crop every morning by the back door.
Thanks for the lovely posts as usual!

Janet said...

Ahhh, Stefan, thank you! And, yes, renew that Gourmet. now.

Greer ~ YES, I saw the zucchini cook off!!!!! I am obsessed with those blossoms...oh, to have a fresh crop outside my door. Try frying them stuffed with a dab of whipped Philly cream cheese with chive. Oh my.