Wednesday, August 5, 2009

read, eat, drink

I should have had this image last week when I posted the apple-blackberry crisp recipe, no? Ah, well, apples only just made an appearance at the market on sunday.

It is hot out there people! So, let's have a little fun:

* read: Dancing to the Precipice
* eat: Summer Fest 2009
* drink: an Albariño (my latest obsession)

Cheers! Happy Wednesday.


Blue said...

That link to Gourmet is well worth clicking on - a fascinating story.

Janet said...

I have been drinking the Spanish wines, and enjoying them very much. I had no idea there was such controversy with the Australian!

little augury said...

I have the Dancing to- book, I do not know what I will read next- list out the window, also got the A S Byatt's the Children's Book this week. I am thinking this one is next.