Sunday, February 14, 2010

keeping warm

It is wishful thinking, but I thought the top image looked a little like cherry blossoms.

I am keeping warm and staying inspired with thoughts of milder climates:

* hearblack
* Pia's post on Vaucluse House in Sydney
* and Deborah Tubreville's Casa No Name

Happy Valentine's Day!


smilla4blogs said...

Happy Valentine's Day! xo

home before dark said...

Lovely (but still scarey) images of red and white. I totally agree with you about the ice blossoms. Are those your steps? Zowie! Be cafeful.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope you're having fun in the snowy north!!

Scott Fazzini said...

Hap...Hap...Happy Valentine's Day!!


Janet said...

Thank you all for the Valentine wishes. It was a lovely day!

hbd ~ not my steps (though I wouldn't mind if they were). I live in a big ugly International-style apartment building around the corner that everyone loves to hate.