Tuesday, February 2, 2010

evening snow: a symphony in greys and blue

Over the weekend:

* there was snow
* and a nasty bug (with a fever)
* so, I became obsessed with New Scandinavian Cooking on PBS (how have I missed this until now!?)
* and watched parts 2 & 3 of Emma (verdict: I loved it)

Today, the groundhog saw his shadow. And in the forecast for tonight: more snow.



Christine said...

I watched the new Emma as well, and thought it was a fabulous interpretation. And Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightly didn't hurt...

smilla4blogs said...

Two beautiful photographs! The second a particularly lovely abstract...like brush strokes.

Scott Fazzini said...

Stunning. I would like 6 more years of snow. Is that possible?

home before dark said...

Loving Emma. This last snow barely grazed us. Sorry you're in the winter's way. Love the second photo so Japanese in it lovely simplicity. Surely there's a cure for the cold in the New Scandinavian Cooking. Get well soon.

glp said...

your images are beautiful. thanks so much for sharing them on a cold night.
keep warm and get healthy!

pve design said...

Those images leave me wanting to write some sort of get well haiku or sonnet for your speedy recovery and a little sun added to alleviate total darkness a fever can ensue.
Feel better knowing we have a dusting of snow this am.

Blue said...

The tire tracks would make a very good wall sized piece of art. Beautiful image. We, of course, have had no snow to speak of - perhaps ten minutes worth, or so a few weeks ago. Brought the city to a halt, though. Feel better.


Ahh, I watched Emma on PBS too! Did you catch the lavender room? I was fixated. Feel better. Lauren

Janet said...

Christine ~ ha! So true!

Mom and Blue ~ thank you! I thought the parking lot looked like a Franz Klein painting.

Scottie ~ honestly, I love snow too.

hbd ~ there is a cure in Scandinavia. It is called aquavit!

glp and pve ~ thank you! I am much better...and certainly not so low I couldn't dash out into the snow first thing this morning.

Lauren ~ weren't the colors in this series marvelous?! I think I am going to have to get it on DVD just to indulge my love of interiors.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh yes, Emma is MARVELOUS! Even better than anticipated. The 2nd 'episode' was even better than the 1st! The houses -the costumes...THE HOUSES! Oh my :-) It was serious interiors porn.

I'm not entirely convinced of Emma's acting abilities..but...I still love it!

little augury said...

Feel I should have tuned in to Emma-I am thinking like Stefan about Emma-had seen her in something before and wasn't looking forward to her Emma. Now what should I do? A typical Emma dilemma.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Beautiful snow photos; JM Whistler weather!

I've only seen the Scandinavian cooking program a couple of times, but Andreas Viestad's "Kitchen of Light" is a gorgeous book. It reads like a family story with recipes. I interviewed him a number of years ago when the book first came out and he was coming to town. Lots of folks of Norwegian heritage around Madison, so perfect book for our part of Wisconsin. Everything I've made from it has been delicious.