Friday, January 29, 2010

trouvée: a turkish lady

This one is for Little Augury. It is a page taken from an album ~ another one of those things I would liked to have seen in whole (why do people tear old books apart?). Inscribed: "Turkish Lady." {click to view larger}

No links today. I am feeling quiet, and very ready for the weekend. They say snow is in the forecast. More Emma on Sunday (thanks to Courtney for identifying the divine Squerryes Court) ~ and The Park looks interesting.



The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I like this piece quite a bit. I adore Little Augury's blog she and I share a sensibility on matters of aesthetic as do you true to tell.
Warm regards,

smilla4blogs said...

You must have known I would love this too! It reminds me of Tonny's vintage postcards tucked away in a suitcase that I now have, that came from his house....such a long time ago.

pve design said...

I imagine a plate of those turkish delights on another page. Lovely find.

little augury said...

ah ha! how wonderful my own blog dedication. honoured. this is so fascinating wonder the story behind it-and yes imagine the album in entirety. I will be returning the favour with another image you will like.

Anne said...

It's so good to know about Squerryes Court! What a wonderful house, and a wonderful far my favorite of all the many adaptations.

C.J. said...

enjoy your quiet weekend, I am sure you deserve it.