Friday, January 8, 2010

trouvée: not this side

This morning, the lady was running around, at once trying to remember to put stamps on her bills, iron her tuxedo shirt, eat her daily bowl of oatmeal, and find a particular photograph she had in mind for today's post. The latter task was turning out to be wholly unsuccesful. So, says the gentleman "use one of mine."

His find: a nineteenth-century carte-de-visite by Abraham Bogardus of an unidentified girl. Inscribed: "not this side││."

The lady wonders "hmmm, what does that mean?" The gentleman says "I think it's a direction to the printer to crop the image on the right side." Of course (he is a genius).

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Cheers and happy weekend!


Blue said...

I live with a genius, too. I must find the old photo on metal of my great grandparents, or would that be great, great grandparents?

home before dark said...

My husband would say HE lives with genius! And that's why I love him. Perhaps the "not this side" is that the real message/clue? is really on the back. Does remind me of the time I was on tour of the senate and Hubert Humphrey kept telling the photographer, "No, this is my best side." Perhaps, thinking his nose looked shorter that way?

Janet said...

Oh, Blue! Please do...and tell us all a fabulous story! You are lucky to have such a treasure.

Janet said...

hbd ~ your husband is a wise man!

The inscription is just below the photograph, in pencil and barely visible. I think the only thing on the back is the photographer's stamp. I must admit to thinking as you did. Such a literal interpretation was far too logical.

smilla4blogs said...

Charming little portrait and I love the dialogue!

The Down East Dilettante said...

The Dilettante is Amused.

home before dark said...

"I think the only thing on the back is the photographer's stamp. " Dog with a bone time?

pve design said...

You sure know how to turn on the charm.
"iron her tuxedo shirt" amused me.
that photo is precious.

Janet said...

hbd ~ the gentleman has confirmed that the verso carries only the photographer's stamp. So, the identity of the young lady remains a mystery.