Friday, January 15, 2010

trouvée: marne and the muff

Inscribed: "Marne Wilkinson / Perry, Iowa / 1918." Can't remember where I found this, but wherever it was, it cost 25¢. I am also pretty sure that if my friend Anne had been born about 50 years earlier, this is how she would have dressed: bonnet, muff, velvet coat and boots. Who says you can't be stylish in cold weather?

Some things worth looking at:

* Priya Kambli
* Andy Freeberg: The Guardians
* Joni Sternbach (especially the Abandoned series)
* Miroslav Tichý and Atget (opening January 29)

And I love, love, love this (via a cup of jo)!

Have a great weekend.


smilla4blogs said...

This is adorable! I had muffs as a little girl and I remember how toasty my hands much more effective than mittens! The main drawback is that you can't do much with your hands stuck in a muff!

Elie's Papel said...

such a cute picture... that outfit is adorable... and yes, this proves you can be stylish no matter when...:)

home before dark said...

This could have been my mother-in-law for what may have been the last time she, hater of hats, born to mother, lover of hats, gave in to mother's choice. Hannah, the elder, could always strike a pose. My mother-in-law always saw herself with a bucket on her head. Love the muff, but agree they limit one's ability (was that the purpose?) to do things for one's self!

Anne said...

I DID have a white fur muff, and I was completely obsessed with it. I didn't understand why I didn't have a sleigh with a team fitted with jingle bells to drive me to school--instead I had to put on a snowsuit and walk past 3-foot-high snowdrifts. Uphill! Both ways!

nikole said...

so cute.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

When I have children they will all dress like this.