Tuesday, January 12, 2010

thawing out (a little)

For the first time in weeks the mercury has inched above the freezing mark, and the local meteorologist promises 50s by the end of the week. I won't hold my breath.

In the mean time, I am adding to my list of winter reads. Last summer Little Augury sent me two volumes of the Paris Review interviews. I remarked at the time that they were the perfect thing to save for cold winter days, curled up on the couch, cup of tea in hand (though I should point out that certain interviews may require something slightly more spirited). She agreed completely and said I should do a post on why we yearn to read certain things at certain times of the year. Like Anna Karenina (winter), Wuthering Heights (winter)...or any Agatha Christie (summer). Jane Austen can (and should) be read all year round. This is something I cannot explain, it's just a feeling. And you may not feel the same way, though I would venture to say you have an opinion!

So on that note, some additions to the winter list ~ two for the history books, and one for those who loved The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova's The Swan Thieves (released today).


little augury said...

I did love the Kostova book-after that one-I have shunned the crop of NewWave vamps-You?It seems many have come out of the closet about reading them! I am so glad you are reading the books now-somehow I am struggling to get into things-to much candy here. I have moved into an absolutely charming book Edith Oliver's -Nighttime thoughts of a country landlady(or some such title) It is wonderful, the Potato Peelers must have read it. G

Karena said...

Reading time and painting new art, snuggling in the comfy throws. I just finished Loving Frank about Frank Lloyd Wright. very good!

home before dark said...

Hadn't thought seasonal reading choices. I do know when my life is in crazy mode, I prefer histories and non-fiction. For the cook in you might like the documentary "I like killing flies" rather like a soup Nazi personna. Nuts...and it makes you want to rush to your kitchen and scour every little surface. Just finished My Life in France, still reading Karr's Lit and and am eye candying Jerimiah when I take tea breaks from my ceiling plaster project.

ps what i was saying about photo of girl, who the hell was the photographer? Maybe THAT was the clue!

pve design said...

Oh, Swan Thieves is on my list to read -
I am reading Olive Kitteridge and it is set in Maine -
I have The Girl with the Tattoo next....
Stay warm.

smilla4blogs said...

Enjoyed the review of Elizabeth Kostova's new book, but it drives me crazy when a reviewer complains about the legnth. I always begin with the printing history, luxuriate in the story and regrettably say "goodbye" in the acknowledgments. You are right about seasonal preferences...that's why our nightstands are way too cluttered!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh,I so agree! Agatha christie is perfect for cocktails on the roofdeck or on the beach while heavier fare is good for a pot of tea and a blanket in a cozy corner. I think you're spot on!
I'm still trudging through Stephen Tennants biography which is getting tedious towards the end. I might need something a bit more frothy next!

Inkslinger said...

There ARE books that go with certain seasons! :) Christie is definitely summer! And I agree that any time is Austen time.

And it sounds like I should add another title to my must-read list!

Janet said...

little a ~ I admit to TRYING to stay current on those nouveau vamps, but made it about 20 pages in and gave up (one must be "in the know" for the sake of adoring nieces). Love the sound of the Edith Olver book.

Karena ~ Wright was such an interesting, if at times despicable, character.

hbd ~ ahhhh, semantics! Forgive me for being slow. The photographer was Abraham Bogardus.

pve ~ Olive Kitteridge came up during book week. I think it will have to be a summer read for me. Would be curious to know how you like it.

mom ~ there were a couple things about the review that bothered me (the issue of the length first and foremost). Unfortunately, the Times has yet to review, so we wait. But, the length of the Historian was part of its appeal for me!

AD ~ I generally would put "frothy" under the summer reads...but sometimes you just need something like that, no matter the season.

Inkslinger ~ sorry to add to the pile! Eeeee.

Gretchen said...

Seeing as I am almost done with the Historian, her next book will go right on the 'to read' list. Also on my winter read list are re-reads of Mrs. Mike and Ethan Frome. Definitely perfect for curled-under-a-blanket reading with a warm cat on the lap.

house things said...

I cannot wait to read The Swan Thieves.

cynthia said...

I agree there are certain seasons for certain books, some with tea or cocoa, some with wine, some in the house in a corner all comfy, some outside under a tree, or in a little tea house.