Monday, March 22, 2010

hello spring!

Spring arrived gently on Saturday, embracing the city with warm air and sweet scents.

A few wonderful things:

* the Lovers' Suite ~ Eva Zeisel at Room and Board!
* these plates
* and this dog collar

Here's hoping your monday is as good as mine. Cheers!


smilla4blogs said...

You are making me wistful for spring! The link to Higham's dog collar is perfect for a season when dog walking is a pleasure again!

Gretchen said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

home before dark said...

Snow, yes my little lovely, snow is melting AGAIN. Blooms on my Yulan magnolias seem not to have been zapped. I am not leaping into spring (well, years of caution and recent foot surgury), I inch!

If the dog collar had said Jane Austin, I would have worn it myself. Happy spring your way.

Janet said...

Mom ~ cherry blossoms await you!

G ~ thank you!

hbd ~ Spring is a fickle month. I hope for your sake that that will be the last of the snow. Jane Austen's dog's that would be TOO divine!