Friday, March 19, 2010

trouvée: the smile

Uninscribed, undated. Probably 1940s. Just a wonderfully happy photograph! {click to view larger}

Some more things to make you happy:

* fabulous dead people: Millicent Rogers
* and 5 new Penguin classics

Spring arrives tomorrow at 1:32pm EDT (17:32 GMT). I will greet her with a smile.

Have a good weekend friends!


Gretchen said...

Oh, the Emma cover is delightful! Didn't realize a new batch came out so thanks for the heads up.

I am at CW right now and am so enjoying the early springtime weather. We are so lucky :)

Janet said...

G ~ I think the cover for Lady Chatterley's Lover is pretty fabulous too! CW must be amazing right now...I am headed down Easter weekend. Enjoy...! xo

pve design said...

love to know what they are smiling at.
perhaps the caption would read;

"Myrna smiled as she walked away from Roger who had just made her laugh so hard she nearly wet herself - but her friend Grace remained classically composed."

The Down East Dilettante said...

I checked out the Millicent Rogers article. By coincidence, when I read this post and saw the link, I was reading 'Houses of the Hamptons', which has articles about her parent's TWO estates in Southampton (one to get away from the other). It's clear that one or both of the parents had a lot of taste and imagination to help her get started on her stylish path. One of the best exhibits I ever saw at the Met Costume Institute was one curated by Diana Vreeland about American Women of Style, including, natch, Ms. Rogers.

Janet said...

pve ~ I think Roger caught her with a cigarette!

Dilettante ~ very big style! And funny thing is that I hadn't thought about her for a while until I saw the Times piece. Am looking forward to what else they come up with.