Friday, August 27, 2010

trouvée: the catch

Happy Birthday Dad! May your wildest dreams come true. . .

Snapshot found in Texas this past April: no inscriptions, no date. {click image to view larger}

Some things for the bait master:

* fly-tying
* The Fishes of North America
* and a Maine Seaweed Study (from Box of Wonders)


Wishing you all cool breezes. . .


Style Court said...
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Style Court said...

Happy, happy birthday to Janet's dad!

The hats (or maybe it's the vests?) make me think of Butch & Sundance but I guess this is more of a River Runs Through It shot :)

smilla4blogs said...

Dad had a great birthday and he caught a 23" striper too! Adorable post! xo