Thursday, September 23, 2010

the autumnal equinox

It is the first day of autumn (with a full moon no less!), but summer is hanging on here in Washington. Those cool fall breezes have yet to win out over the heat and humidity. Perhaps this weekend? I hope so. . . the gentleman and I plan to mark the change of seasons with wild mushroom risotto. That calls for crisp air and a robust pinot grigio.

Here are a few things you might enjoy reading:

* São Schlumberger in Vanity Fair
* a lovely piece on Enfilade
* and the Mystery Diva

Happy thursday! Welome fall.

(above: dusk at Grandale Farm)


Style Court said...

Oh, wild mushroom risotto! How I would love to be savoring that tonight. (Thanks for reading the Enfilade piece -- I know you don't have much free time these days!)


Style Court said...


The turquoise Schlumberger doors are yummy too.

Janet said...

Courtney ~ doesn't that risotto sound divine? I think we'll cut down on the butter, but otherwise it is a great recipe. LOVE the turquoise doors, and yellow jacket.

The Enfilade piece was wonderful ~ there's always time for that!!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Always the best links here to things I would otherwise miss!
The risotto sounds like just the ticket for the fall -yummy! New season, new living arrangements :-) Hope all is well -xo!

smilla4blogs said...

Probably no one ever looked forward to an autumn equinox so much as you and the gentleman!

BWS said...

The moon from your rooftop must be spectacular.

Janet said...

Stefan ~ glad you liked the links! Oh, and everything is wonderful.

mom ~ don't you know it!

BWS ~ there was a beautiful, bright pink moon with dinner.