Friday, September 24, 2010

trouvée: an old postcard

Carlyle House was built 1751-1753 by British merchant John Carlyle for his bride, Sarah Fairfax of Belvoir, a member of one of the most prestigious families in colonial Virginia. John and Sarah moved into their completed house on August 1, 1753. That same night, she gave birth to their first son, prompting John to write to his brother George “its a fine beginning.” Their home quickly became a center of social and political life in Alexandria and gained a foothold in history when British General Braddock made the mansion his headquarters in 1755. Braddock summoned five colonial governors to meet there to plan the early campaigns of the French and Indian War. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Carlyle House is the only stone, 18th-century Palladian-style house in Alexandria.

And its unusual garden terrace is where the gentleman and I will be married in a few short weeks!

(Vintage postcard found on eBay and used as a save-the-date.)


pve design said...

How utterly romantic is that!
Wishing you and your gentleman a blissful day ahead!

Janet said...

pve ~ thank you!

glp said...

see that blue sky and feathery white clouds! may your day be as lovely.

Style Court said...


What an amazing find. I hope you photographed this postcard, just as you snapped some casual vignettes with the birds. It might be fun to contrast the Carlyle postcard with the work of your super talented wedding photographer, on an inspiration/memory board of some kind.

smilla4blogs said...

Three weeks from today! xo

little augury said...

How perfect for you-each and every aspect seems to fit JCB to a T.

The Ancient said...

What a wonderful place for a wedding.

My mother was always at pains to remind me that one must never congratulate a bride. One must instead felicitate her. (Apparently, to do otherwise is to imply that she is somehow lucky or fortunate in her match, which further suggests, well, frankly I forget.)

So, felicitations!

Have a great, memorable day, and always be happy!

Christine said...

Fabulous postcard and a perfect find for you!!

home before dark said...

To a fine beginning of historic proportions!