Friday, November 5, 2010

trouvée: a girl and her book

An old cabinet card from the collection, with no inscriptions or date ~ but a perfect way to announce the 3rd annual JCB book week. So stay tuned for lots and lots of goodies to come next week. {click image to view larger}

In the mean time, a few things:

* Garden Plans at The Drawing Room
* Rholfs at the Met
* and The Vices That Made Virginia (what a great idea for a fundraiser!)

Have a great weekend. . .


John R said...

Since when were Va. oysters a vice?!

Janet said...

Well, from my point of view none of the above is a vice. But, perhaps I am just a really bad girl.

pve design said...

I do love the idea of good and bad vices.
Have a nice weekend with your book week ahead!

smilla4blogs said...

The only thing missing is a cuddly dachsund by her feet :D

Blue said...

I finished my bottle of vice-inducing bourbon in making a fruit cake after reserving some as cook's little helper. Why are vices bad? Has anyone ever come up with a acceptable explanation for why they might be? We've had to turn envy into a virtue to keep the wheels of industry turning.