Thursday, January 20, 2011

a winter walk II

January, quiet, quiet. Even time seems frozen with inactivity. The gentleman has been hankering for a house tour (me too, for that matter). Perhaps a virtual tour will suffice for now? Hmmmm. . . time to start making plans for springtime outings.

A few interesting tid bits:

* The Hellcat
* Oliver Twist's workhouse
* and The Gift Outright ~ Robert Frost for JFK (and a Dedication, never heard)

Be well.

Stay warm.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

mmm yes -house tours! I can't wait for my upcoming Vizcaya visit (not to rub it in)!

Janet said...

Stefan ~ Nemours? The third time has to be the charm. . .

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Nemours is first on my list!