Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a winter walk I

Hello tuesday! A cold icy day, following a long, cozy weekend. Household chores and paperwork consumed most of our energies. We also spent some time rearranging our library, and contemplating a cataloging system. Oh, and setting up our new computers. (!!!) After 10 years of service, I finally put my old MacBook to rest (yes, you read that correctly, ten years). We also invested in a MacBook Air for traveling (although we have found it rather nice for watching movies in bed, ahem).

Yesterday afternoon, after two solid days of housekeeping, we thought a little fresh air might be in order and headed out for a walk along the old C&O canal. It was so cold that our noses froze after about 5 minutes. We persevered for a while longer however, and enjoyed the quiet calm of the winter landscape.

To be honest, I think the best part of our walk was coming home to a warm, clean apartment.


Blue said...

During the four days that snow closed Atlanta down, we took the opportunity to clean what the maid apparently is blind to. The whole place was blessedly dust-free for a few hours. A delight to see everything clean, plumped up and ready to be trashed all over again!

home before dark said...

Happy winter nest-making. My first computer was a 9" Macintosh. Sold me. Will forever be a Mac girl (it's the way my brain thinks). Also love the fact you can name them. My first was Eve...my latest big bad girl is Lilith. Not quite an apple...but not that far from the tree. In the early days you could name the printer. Mine was Mr. Write. When paper was low, you would get a screen warning: Mr. Write needs attention! It does not take much to entertain me.

So, missy...what's the name of this lovely lighter than air one?

Janet said...

Blue ~ I always wonder how two generally tidy people can generate so much dust!!!! Here's to plumped-up pillows!

hbd ~ Yes, a Mac girl through and through (though I do use a PC at work). As for naming my sleek little MacBook, that will take some thought. I'll have to get back to you. The Air requires input from the gentleman, as it really was a joint acquisition. BTW, I think it takes guts to name your machine Lilith. She is the Queen of Mischief after all.

pve design said...

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