Monday, June 13, 2011

home sweet home

After a long week of travel, it is good to be home. Ahhh, time to unwind and reconnect with our lives. A day spent with friends, a dinner with neighbors, and a serious gardening session were in order!

The sunday market was bursting at the seams with yummy produce. Cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, fresh eggs, and fragrant lavender. And squash blossoms, that delicacy of summer ~ they hardly made it out of the bag before being stuffed and fried for lunch.

Stay tuned this week for a house tour, and a few other bits from my trip to the midwest.



Karena said...

Oh I will forward to hearing the details Janet! It is always good to get back home though!

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pve design said...

We have a market and I love going and barely able to carry it all home. It sure makes the weekend more pleasant to eat healthy and just have it out to admire- fresh fruits and flowers.
Thanks for your kind comment-about my fishie.

Style Court said...

Welcome back! The squash blossoms sound eye-appealing and delicious.

home before dark said...

Welcome back to DC. Just think for a few days we shared the same sky!