Saturday, June 25, 2011

up north

In Maine. . . for a bit of a break. Stopping in Boston and Salem along the way (finally had a chance to see the new Art of the Americas wing ~ fantastic!). We have been greeted by grey skies and chilly rain. However, there are bowls of fish chowder and hot haddock sandwiches to warm us up.

Some bits of wonderful from Beantown:

* extraordinary embroideries
* Old North Church
* the Printing Office of Edes & Gill
* and a good meal at Marliave

Cheers all.


Donna said...

Welcome to Salem! Or maybe you've already departed by the time I write this. Wish I could have pointed you in the direction of some interesting spots,but from your blog (which I love) I expect you have already found them. Safe journey.

Janet said...

Donna ~ thank you! It was a busy day in Salem, and I was in very good hands. Of course, one day is hardly enough to explore it all. . .