Friday, August 19, 2011

trouvée: a kiss

My parents were married 44 years ago today. And after all those years, they still enjoy a good kiss. (This is not them, but if I'd had access to their wedding album. . . I would have pilfered a photo). Happy Anniversary to one swell couple. xo {click image to view larger}



weekend all!

(the gentleman and I are playing hookey today, shhhh)


Anne said...

Happy Anniversary to Mama and Daddy Blyberg!! xo

home before dark said...

Best wishes to the still happy couple. We celebrated our 36th on August 9th. Must be something about being married in August that suggests longevity. Something like: if you can have fun in August heat, you must be crazy nuts in love. I still remember the look on my "to be'" MIL's face when I told her I was considering a wedding at the local rose garden in Topeka in August. Sheer Panic!!!!!!!

I don't know where Janet and Joel are. They might be at the library...

smilla4blogs said...

xo from your mom & dad!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Blyberg! What a wonderful union that begot wonderful things. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Janet said...

Thank you all for the good wishes. Much appreciated by tha happy couple. . . who did (by all accounts) have a lovely day.