Friday, September 2, 2011

trouvée: grandpa's lima beans

A recent find, an old cyanotype printed on postal card. It reads: "Aug. 29th 06 Dear Cousin / This is Grandpa among / his lima beans taken last / summer. With Love from Lucy." The back is postmarked North Anson, Maine, 29 August 1906, and addressed to Mrs. A. E. Hilton. {click image to view larger}

I just love, love, love it.

Some things:

* Camille's view of Maine
* The Clothesline
* and the dump (Yankee ingenuity)

I'm home sick I suppose (wish I was headed north for Labor Day).

Have a good weekend friends!


kate said...

so sweet, I love it

Donna Seger said...

Thanks for introducing me to the term cyanotype; I had never heard it before and I have several of these blueish old photos and now I know what they are! So sorry you're homesick (I'm from Maine too), but sit tight---you know that DC is going to be gorgeous in the Fall after the humidity clears out.

glp said...

super image! there is a lobster roll fest here tomorrow. at first i thought, yay! we can go and pretend we are in maine but then it hit me: it is supposed to be 95 degrees. and this is columbus...sigh...
happy weekend

Parnassus said...

1906: The days of heirloom beans and apples and other homegrown produce. And Grandpa so proud of his limas that he had his picture taken with them.
--Road to Parnassus

Inkslinger said...

Oh how wonderful!! "Grandpa among his lima beans" has such a ring to it, too. Love it!

Janet said...

kate ~ can you imagine photographing that scene? Wonderful.

Donna ~ so glad to meet a fellow Mainer! It's hard to be so far away, but I admit that I love Virginia in the fall and so am excited for what the next few months hold in store.

glp ~ lobster in Ohio? Seriously?

R to P ~ I told my husband that this photograph reminded me of his mother. . . no, not the white beard. . . but the pride she takes in nurturing her beans from little sprouts in the spring, to fall's bounty. Doesn't anyone take photos with their beans any more?

Inkslinger ~ I think there is a story there :).

Style Court said...

Janet --

Sorry about the homesickness. Love the blue tint.

nature said...

love your blog.. exquisite postings.