Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the long weekend

Why is it that three-day weekends always seem to pass by so quickly?

Saturday was spent with friends, and monday was a day for a serious "fall cleaning" (linens washed, wood floors scrubbed, closet organized). Sunday, we decided, was a day for an outing. . . in Leesburg, Virginia. We had no agenda, and lingered over a long lunch at the Wine Kitchen (we highly recommend the sweet potato gnocchi and the duck confit), before wandering around town, poking our noses into a few antique shops. We almost left empty handed (the selection was rather disappointing), but decided to stop at the German Favorite Antiques on our way out of town. Don't let the goofy name fool you. . . it's like walking into a Bavarian schloss. Seriously. Packed full of fabulous old furniture (from country farmhouse to Biedermeier), linens, porcelain, clocks, tools and any number of curiosities. We couldn't resist a gigantic old wicker hamper (to store all those nice clean linens in!).

Anyway, it has been a while since I left you with some links:

* Moving Day (a year ago!)
* Garden
* a New Orleans aesthetic
* and this post

Happy tuesday.


Donna said...

So nice to start the day with a post+links from you---thanks.

Gretchen said...

Wow - a year ago for moving day! Sounds like a perfect weekend; mixture of simple pleasures.

JBR said...

Did you have time for Oatlands? Leesburg areas homes during Garden Week have been fantastic in past!

Anne said...

Duck confit, yum!

Barbara said...

Missing you already...