Tuesday, January 24, 2012

on the road, again

Last week we hopped in the car and headed north for a long weekend.

First stop ~ New York, for all of the festivities surrounding the annual Winter Antiques Show. While we couldn't see it all in one day, we did make it to the Duncan Phyfe exhibition at the Met (buy the catalogue) and the preview of the Betty Ring Collection at Sotheby's. Both truly fantastic! Our day in the city was capped by an evening reception at Gracie Mansion, where this particular blogger actually sat in a Duncan Phyfe chair. Yes, it is still in one piece (a testament to its excellent construction). The house itself is truly magnificent, a rare glimpse of Federal-era New York. If you have never been, make a point to go! They offer tours every Wednesday. . . and special tea tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Second stop ~ Connecticut, where we were happily snowed in for a day, enjoying the company of some good friends (drinking wine and eating fondue into the wee hours).

. . . and then it was back in the car, headed south!

Cheers friends!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

The entrance hall to the Met gets me everytime. Just amazing!

Anonymous said...

You know I lived one block from gracie mansion for 4 years and never took a tour? I didn't know it was open to the public. How bummed am I? Sorry to miss you in CT. We had a nice traditional snow day in Westport, complete with apple pie.

smilla4blogs said...

It all sounds wonderful, especially the snowed in part...knowing the delightful company!

Blue said...

I had forgotten about the Duncan Phyfe exhibition. We're going up to New York in March to see Patience and will try and reserve tickets.

Being snowed in for a day sounds totally delightful to me - yesterday was in the 60s and will be so again today, I think. An odd winter but not unknown I think in the south.

Stefan's reaction to the entrance hall at the Metropolitan basically sums up my own. Based on an ancient Roman thermae wasn't it?

TanteBess said...

The pic turned out beautifully!

home before dark said...

I was worried that you were being held hostage.So glad it was a fab road trip and a winter wonderland—just what the winter-loving girl needed.

How delightful to have that gobsmacked feeling entering a beautiful building. Dollars to donuts there was some that "sacred geometry" going on in the Met's design.

Emile de Bruijn said...

Interesting to learn about the Gracie Mansion - with similar chinoiserie parapet to the one at Monticello: a 'Federal' fashion?

Laura Casey Interiors said...

So jealous that you got to the Duncan exhibit - I am going to actually post about it soon. And you sat in a chair? Lucky!

Karena said...

A perfect excursion!! I would love it as well!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Hello, Janet!

Every so often I stop by your blog (it's so calm and collected and cheerful) and I'm glad to see that you and the gentleman are having fun. I love your pictures and I came across a blog whose photography you may know Saipua. If you do know the blog, well, the sight of gorgeous flowers made me think of you. And, if you don't, enjoy!

All best,


Janet said...

Angela ~ you would love Gracie. I am sorry our trip to CT was so short. Was thinking of getting you and the boys (Dan & Matt) together for an afternoon, but there just wasn't enough time. Hopefully we can get back up soon. xo

Mom ~ it was a great visit!
Just wish it had been longer.

Blue ~ You will enjoy the Phyfe exhibit, so do make time for it. And the Met in general. If it is as warm as it is up here, I can imagine that Atlanta must be bursting out into spring already!

Beth ~ yes, thanks! That building is just so photogenic. Such a lovely visit with you. xo

Janet said...

hbd ~ I have been finding it harder and harder to carve out time for the blog, but I do miss it. Perhaps soon I'll be back with regular posts.

Emile ~ indeed! Both houses were built around the same time. Monticello (built 1772, remodled 1801-1809), and Gracie (built 1799). To my mind, two very different houses, but both incorporating those innovative chinoiserie designs in a restrained and classic style.

Janet said...

Laura ~ it was quite a thrill! It was quite the Phyfe day!

Karena ~ thanks! Hope you have a chance to get ot New York soon.

Verónica ~ so great to hear from you! And I am tickled that Sarah's gorgeous flowers make you think of me! So sweet. I love her blog, such a mix of humor and beautiful eye candy. Hope you are well! Cheers!

JBR said...

Hoping you'll have time for more entries soon. Best to you and the gentleman

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