Friday, April 20, 2012


We went walking in Georgetown two sunday evenings ago. The sun was low on the horizon, and the sidewalks were littered with piles of pink cherry blossom petals. As we turned toward home I caught the sweet scent of wisteria and out of the corner of my eye, a glimpse of purple down a narrow alley. Upon closer inspection, we discovered a magnificent cascade of blossoms draped over a 20-foot section of wooden fence, growing wild and unchecked.

Spring things I am loving / coveting:

* this bangle
* this scarf
* some meadows
* and this delicious book (just arrived in my mail box)

Bon weekend!

P.S. I some BIG news to reveal soon.


Parnassus said...

When I was in college, there was a Victorian house used for a department. Behind it was a huge old wisteria arbor that must have dated from the 19th century. It was one of my favorite "secret places". I wonder if it is still there?
--Road to Parnassus

Style Court said...

Wild in the city. I love finding those remnants of wild growth in an urban setting. Not far from me there's abundant wisteria tangled over a Thai take-out restaurant.

Happy weekend!

Sanity Fair said...

This always takes me back to childhood - there is nothing like the sweet, heavy scent of Wisteria. And nothing else says "south" like catching a whiff of it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic.

Anonymous said...

Janet, I just read the "big news" via your comment at Dilettante, followed the link and want to wish you both a hearty Congratulations on the thrilling adventure ahead!


Anonymous said...

You are nice persons, you and your gentleman, both of you.

I have been looking at your blog for some time now, and wish you all the best.

From Olympia, WA on the other side where the sun touches the ocean when it sets..

Janet said...

Parnassus ~ it is funny how wisteria seems to thrive in secret places!

Courtney ~ I think I would go for take out every day while it was in bloom!

Sanity Fair ~ that and the scent of jasmine. Always make me think of the south.

Flo and Anon ~ thank you both so much. Cheers to you :).

Mike said...

The smell most be amazing.