Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dahlias 101

Some days you just wake up in a good mood ~ and today is one of those days. I watched the sun rise (it's getting later and later), had a nice swim, put together a good outfit, and had my Starbucks made just right. I have to remind myself sometimes that these little things count for a lot! I thought I would send a little of my good mood your way, so this glorious pot of dahlias is for all of you!

And Isabelle ~ I am sending you lots of love and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Be well my dear.


Blissville said...

But dear Janet, do you EVER wake up in a bad mood?

On the other hand, yes, I know just what you mean. I sometimes think these mornings are intrinsic to the sweetness of summer, but then I remember another kind of sweetness of January mornings, icy and dark. Just different.

Janet said...

I suppose I don't wake up in a bad's usually just the things that follow that put me out of sorts.

Mmmm...yes, those January mornings. I know the ones.

style court said...

Hope to find some blooms like this at my local market! Thanks for the image :)