Monday, August 13, 2007

trouvée: camp whileaway

"Greetings from Camp Whileaway! This is a corner of the big livingroom. We are having comfortable weather, about 50 degrees now. Often see deer. ~ A.M." [postmarked 5 September 1913, Kineo, Maine]

I haven't posted a found photo in a while (I guess I have been a little busy!), and I meant to put this up on Friday, but never got to it. This cyanotype (on a postal card) reminds me of the interior of our summer cottage. I struck by how little things change ~ odd bits of antique furniture, piles of books, and projects set out on the table. Oh, how I wish I had some more time to while away in Maine.

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Inkslinger said...

What an evocative name: Camp Whileaway! Love it, and the idea of found photos.