Thursday, August 9, 2007

the way life should be

I am back from an all-too-brief trip to Maine. We had glorious weather for my parents' wedding anniversary party (40 years!) ~ what a joy to see four generations of family and friends all together for an afternoon! I set my two nieces (ages 7 and 8) loose with my digital camera and they brought back the most wonderful photographs ~ I'll try to post some of them here over the new few days.

My father picked up these blueberries one day and left them just like this on the stoop. Needless to say, once everyone else discovered them, they didn't last long.


KDM said...

Lovely - I always pick rasberries at my grandma's house - what is it about family and wild fruits?!

Inkslinger said...

Mmm. It reminds me that I've raspberry bushes in the backyard that need picking.

This is wonderful site, by the way. A haven to visit.