Friday, September 7, 2007

trouvée: the old house

Another wonderful find from Annapolis. Again, no inscriptions or date ~ just a romantic old house. I do love the way these postal cards are printed slightly off center!

And speaking of old houses, I have a couple of exciting announcements:

First, I have finally put together the list of houses for the Fall Historic House tours. Without giving too much away, it includes some fun autumnal destinations, with a focus on Maryland ~ among them the Edgar Allen Poe House, Darnall's Chance and Montpelier (the other one!).

And second, I thought you all might be interested to know that various members of our little historic house group have had a busy summer touring houses all over the world ~ traveling from the middle Atlantic states to New England, and even across the pond to Great Britain. I would have loved to have stowed away in their various suitcases, but I had a few trips of my own to take. SO, I have asked a couple of them to share their experiences with you all. Beginning on Monday, my friend Anne will be guest blogging about her three weeks at the Attingham Trust summer school program in England. She has already sent me some of her posts, and I must say they are wonderful! Ahhh, so many houses, so little time...

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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