Friday, April 11, 2008

trouvée: the beads

This was my big splurge at Round Top ~ $7.00! I'd like to think she's a little girl from Texas, but the image is unidentified so I have no way of knowing. I love the three strands of beads and those pale pink cheeks.

It has been a while since I gave you some photo links, so here are a few favorites from Texas:

* Revealing Character (modern-day cowboys)
* Texas native Jayne Hinds Bidaut (and her tintypes)
* and an amazing collection at the Ransom Center

On monday I have something special to show you... Until then, have a wonderful weekend. xo.


Anonymous said...

Our little girl! I love seeing her again. cgb

tangobaby said...

What a wonderful photo. YOu can make up your own story about her.

Sabina said...

Thanks for the links!! I especially loved the tintypes.

I'll be back monday.

Have a great weekend!!