Tuesday, June 17, 2008

summer blues 3

I have been stitching a lot of blue lately. This is my summer project ~ the mate to this piece. They are the first two needlepoint pillows that I have ever made for myself!

Oh, this just caught my eye in the bookstore ~ Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress ~ the photographs and fabric details are fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Lovely..and serene. cgb

Pigtown-Design said...

Janet... love the blue!

The house on the Shore where I staying had some beautiful needlepoint pillows. Of course, I took pix.

Jamie said...

Beautiful colors and pattern you have created.
I've done cross stitch on linen for years, put it down and away, and now am imspired to make some pillows of my own (as you are doing), but have never done needlepoint. Do you get your supplies where you live, or order on-line? I live in a fine handwork supply desert so will have to order supplies. Can you recommend anyone? Is 14 count a good canvas for pillows? What is the best thread? Is it wool, linen, etc? Any info you can share with me to help me get started with good materials will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, and I just stumbled across your blog and love it!
Jamie S (in the other Washington)

Style Court said...

Looks wonderful Janet.