Friday, June 20, 2008

trouvée: jump!

First day of summer ~ and a gorgeous weekend ahead! Yippee! I recently found this on eBay...good snapshots are getting harder and harder to afford (and I despise bidding wars), but somehow this one was overlooked. Lucky me. Pure joie de vivre!

It has been a long busy week. This opened (go see it ~ one of the most amazing things I have ever worked on). This premieres at Silverdocs. And the big move is tomorrow ~ I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the painters will have worked their magic!

A few friday links:

* Folk Photos: A Lost Medium (wish I could get to New York)
* Jen Gotch has a collection too!
* and a last bit of Blue at the Textile Museum

Oh, happy weekend. xo.


tangobaby said...

That Folk Photos exhibit looks incredible. I wish I could see it, too.

Congrats on your eBay photo. That is a real treasure.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You have a lovely blog. It's my first time here, but I shall return soon!