Monday, October 20, 2008

day of wine

The main ingredients in getting one's rhythm back ~ a day in the country and a glass (or two) of wine! Yesterday's glorious weather and the promise of colorful foliage lured some of us city folk out to the Shenandoah. Armed with a picnic of smoked cheese, turkey breast, rosemary-olive bread, a bag of Cheetos, and the 2008 Virginia Winery Guide, we descended on Piedmont Vineyards and Vintage Ridge (the latter of which sent us over the moon with their fantastic wine and food pairings!). It is the time of year when Virginia is at her best ~ sunlight streams through the yellow leaves, heat and humidity gives way to clear, crisp air, and the farm stands are full of apples, pears, and tart cider. When you live in the city the seasons seem to have less immediacy, so a day like this is like a gift from nature. We hated to give it up, waiting until the sun cast long, cool shadows over the landscape before we finally piled back in the car, and back to the city. (For more of our outing, see here).

I hope you too had a weekend full of autumnal wonders. xo.


Christine said...

So glad someone remembered to bring the traditional wine accompaniment - Cheetohs! Sorry I missed the time!

Pigtown-Design said...

Cheetos and Old Bay! Nectar of the goddesses!

I can only hope that my pix turn out as beautifully as yours do!


G. said...

Oh, so glad you all had a glorious day!

Janet said...

C and G ~ we missed you this weekend. But, we'll be back at it next month!

Meg ~ I can't wait to see all your photos from England!

Sabina said...

Great cookbook links - thanks!