Tuesday, October 28, 2008

of wine and houses

I have said it before, but I love Flickr! It is wonderful being able to share more images with you there than I can here on the blog ~ especially of the house tours. So over the next month or two, I will try to go through old files and upload images from past tours. A trip down memory lane!

This weekend (in addition to Monticello) we took advantage of the many wineries around Charlottesville, visiting Oakencroft (which, unfortunately closes at the end of the year), Kluge Estate (one of first wineries in Virginia to produce a sparkling wine), and Jefferson (located on the site of Thomas Jefferson's original 1774 vineyards). We were particularly intrigued by Kluge's Cru, a Chardonnay fortified with brandy, and aged in Jack Daniel's barrels. I think it will help get me through the winter!

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Style Court said...

I'm enjoying you uploads on flickr :)