Friday, October 3, 2008

leaving london

The one thing I don't like about London is leaving. It truly is one of my favorite cities ~ I always feel so at home there. This photograph was the last one from the trip ~ taken very early in the morning, looking out my window at the towers of the Natural History Museum just as the sun rose. Sigh. On a brighter note, here my the usual list of favorites:

* Rothko at the Tate
* the British Galleries at the V&A (always a delight!)
* Designers Guild on Kings Road
* Rococo chocolates
* Toast (this yummy cardi in "gingersnap" came home with me)
* English Style and Decoration

...oh, and so much more. I will be back next week with just a little bit more...including perhaps a recipe or two. Cheers and happy weekend!


G. said...

Love the cardigan - perfect color for you!

Vanya said...

Hi Janet

I've been following and enjoying your blog, glad you had a good time in London. I was at Osterley Park recently and loved it :)

indigo16 said...

It is good to finally read about someone who loves London. So many blogs adore Paris (incl me!) that London rarely gets a look in.
Your photographs are wonderful. For your next visit I can recommend Leeds Castle (not too far from the City) as well as the beautiful Burlington Arcade and Libertys.

Janet said...

Thank you, thank you all! Vanya...I was thrilled to see your photos of Osterley. It is such a lovely place. And indigo16...thanks for suggesting Leeds Castle. Your photographs of the place have inspired me. Oh, so many places, so little time...

MJJ said...

I never understood why Rothko's work is so popular. I saw his paitings at the Phillips and they were interesting, but didn't really make an impression. What am I missing?

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Hello! Popping over from Pigtown-Design. I was just thinking of the Rothko exhibit at the TM. Did you enjoy it? I should say that I am a Rothko fan :-)