Thursday, March 26, 2009

in Edinburgh

Beautiful northern light in Edinburgh. Its the kind of city where I could just walk for hours. Exploring the winding streets, wondering over the layers of history, and popping into little pubs for a drink. I loved the visual drama of it all...geography, architecture, atmosphere.

A few of my favorites:

* Urban Angel
* Turner & Italy
* Palace of Holyroodhouse (and the Queen's Gallery)
* walking the Royal Mile
* and thick tartan blankets at Marchbrae

More from Scotland tomorrow...


columnist said...

It is indeed a city made for walking. We lived there from 2000-2003 and that was a favourite aspect of it. Initially we wondered where "all the people" were, as once you get off the main drag (Princes Street/George Street), it's quite empty, and yet our flat was just a ten minute walk away. I miss the space, and the beautifully laid out New Town. The biting north wind less so!

Janet said...

Columnist ~ I too wondered the same thing (about "all the people")! But, that is probably what made me love it all the more.

Prêt à Voyager said...

this is stunning! i so need to send you information about participating in my "boarding pass" column :)