Wednesday, April 8, 2009

interior details

The Chase-Lloyd House is a fabulously imposing three-story brick mansion on Maryland Avenue, in the heart of Annapolis. Built between 1769 and 1774, it boasts a truly impressive Palladian window and staircase, and elaborate Adams-style plaster and wood work. It was constructed for Samuel Chase, who sold it unfinished to Edward Lloyd (of Wye House). Lloyd completed the house, and it remained in the family until 1847 when it was acquired by descendants of Chase. In 1888, it became a home for elderly, "well-read" ladies, which it remains to this day. (I am already plotting my retirement.) Needless to say, the furnishings are not original, but the interior architectural details are beautifully preserved.

(image: detail of the dining room fireplace mantle)


Gretchen said...

Beautiful shot.

I'll come with you - read out in the garden - have our afternoon tea in that fantastic dining room!

Pigtown-Design said...

I am going through the Lloyd papers bit by bit on microfiche at MD Hist. Soc. but I am being felled at every effort by the vertigo.

bwemerson said...

Okay, Janet, as I sit up here in still frozen Maine, I'm completely jealous of your palladian tour. Chase Lloyd and Wye House (and the orangery) are among my favorite American houses.

Incidentally, have you ever visited Hamilton House and the Sarah Orne Jewett House, both in Berwick, Maine? If not, you should.

Cheers from the North.

Style Court said...

Love that you are bringing us along on the tours again. The detail here is so beautiful.

Anne said...

I am ready to check in right now!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bluestocking:
The marble flora are lovely. KDM

Janet said...

Oh, it is good to hear from so many of you house lovers!

Meg ~ microfilm always makes me sea sick. Horrible!

Brad ~ am dying to see Hamilton House. Maybe this summer. BTW, no need to sit in the frozen north...come south! I would love to see you.

Courtney ~ more house tours to come as the weather improves.

G, A and KDM ~ we Blue Stockings need to stick together. Chase-Lloyd House, 2040? Meet me there!