Friday, April 10, 2009

trouvée: the egg hunt

Inscribed simply: "4/65."

Two things:

* Pure Country
* and Early Color

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! I hope the Bunny brings you something nice.


little augury said...

so lovely, this nostalgic picture.G

AnnaVallance said...

Was I not supposed to eat the rollo eggs I found? They were tasty.

John R. said...

Such a cutie -- but white shoes before Memorial Day - the shame of it all! Fashio faux pas aside -- love the photo! Happy spring to you too.

Anonymous said...

I love that the mother coordinated her daughters outfit with the family car . . .and the eggs. KDM

Gretchen said...

So cute. Thanks for the smile!

pve design said...

I long for those milky opaque colors of frocks, hats, eggs, stucco and cars. Are those shoes spectators or saddle oxfords?

Sabina said...

I love those old sixties photos!! Just look at that little hat and dress!!


Janet said...

Oh, so good to hear from you all!

Mr. R ~ I think white shoes before Memorial Day are forgiven in one so young!

PVE ~ I think they are saddle shoes, but I can't quite make them out in the photo.