Thursday, April 2, 2009

spring obessions

As someone who lives in 500 square feet of space, is it any wonder that I am obsessed with gardens? Watching all the spring things pop up makes me long for one all the more. But for now, I shall make do with the little bits I collect through my camera lens.

Speaking of gardens, I am eager to read this new book.

And while it is time to leave winter behind, I am thrilled that The Frozen Thames is finally out in the states ~ I rushed to the bookstore yesterday to get a copy and have already devoured the first couple stories.

Oh, and cherry blossoms...well, I will let you see for yourself.


Gretchen said...

Both books look so wonderful and I'm adding them to my 'to read' list right now!

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

My husband just gave me the Brother Gardeners for my birthday — looks wonderful. "Frozen Thames" is next on my list. Just finished Humphries' novel, "Coventry," which was as stunning as all her work