Friday, September 11, 2009

trouvée: the waves

Uninscribed. Undated. Printed on postal card some time between 1904-1918. To me this image so perfectly captures the change of seasons. It just feels autumnal ~ and a little wistful, don't you think?

A few things today:

* Tanya Marcuse: Undergarments & Armor
* Brassaï: Paris in the 30s
* an update on Lacey Tyrell (from Style Court)
* and remembering The Towers (every day, but especially today)

Here's wishing you all a good weekend. I don't know about you, but I am ready to pull out my pea coat!


Style Court said...

Not sure about the pea coat yet, but tall boots definitely and the fall issue of Selvedge!

Janet said...

Courtney ~ I suppose not in Atlanta. But, it was deliciously chilly in DC this past weekend!

thomas said...

YES! I've already checked my pea coat to see if it's ready for a second season. :)

smilla4blogs said...

Love your Friday posts!