Monday, September 14, 2009

a stopover in salem

When I stopped in Salem last June for a quick cup of tea with a friend at the Peabody Essex Museum, I knew I would have to come back with a little more time. So, on my way up to Maine the other week, I decided to spend a day there, seeing some Dutch seascapes, the amazing Yin Yu Tang (no words can describe), two historic houses, and one fabulous 18th-century quince tree. Even so, I barely scratched the surface.

Anyway, lots more from Salem over the course of this week (no witchcraft, I promise), and then back to the midwest next week, perhaps with a guest blogger or two.

Ummm...and speaking of quince: yum! It is not just for paste any more.


bwemerson said...

Agreed about Yin Yu Tang. Jaw dropping

pve design said...

You must have a super high powered broom, flying all over, sprinkling magic at every stop along the way.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Somehow an old quince tree and Yin Yu Tang seem a perfect pairing. I've read a lot about YYT in print but not online so this is a nice find.