Wednesday, October 21, 2009

in the greenhouse

One of the (many!) highlights of the Pennsylvania trip was a special tour of Henry Clay Frick's Clayton House in Pittsburgh, organized by the ever-creative author of Architect Design. And last week, with his usual flair, Stefan treated us all to a fantastic overview of the house and grounds. Building on that excellent foundation, I thought I would take you inside Clayton's wonderful little wedding cake of a greenhouse (oh, it is impossibly cute). Full of fragrant herbs, tomato plants, rows of fresh baby greens, orchids, and terracotta pots of cacti, it is a true working greenhouse...even supplying produce to the nearby Café at the Frick.

So, take a peek...and enjoy!

P.S. The entire Pennsylvania album is here (and growing day by day!).


little augury said...

That album is beautiful-I am green & it isn't the greenhouse-though it is darling. The Stefan boutonnière is just about the most precious( and I do not use that word often-much maligned that it is) thing I have seen in a while. GT

ArchitectDesign™ said...

haha -thanks for mentioning me but I'm afraid I don't deserve the praise! I was SOOO happy to show you one of my favorite places from childhood -excited even! I LOVE seeing it through your eyes -my basic overview cannot compare with your personal and detailed view! You are a true artist!

Anonymous said...

That is neat that they use the greenhouse and its herbs. Those extras add vitality to a historic site - and more work. KDM

john r said...

Clayton is a wonderful house inside and out - glad you saw it.

Janet said...

little a ~ I hope you can join us some day!

Stefan ~ what a trip my friend...I am so glad we could share it.

KDM ~ I know you know all about the extras!

Mr. R ~ yes indeed. It really gives one fabulous insight into Frick's life and home.

Pigtown-Design said...

I am so sorry I couldn't join you all for this trip. It looks like you all had such fun. The photographs are brilliant!!!